Excellence Night 2019: Seeking Excellence, Pursuing Success


As the Junior Philippine Economics Society (JPES) envisions itself as one of the leading organizations that unites all economics organizations, produces future economics leaders and provides academic and socio-cultural activities for the Filipino youth, it is expected to sustain a harmonious interaction among the students of economics, the faculty and the administration of the academic institutions wherein the member- organizations are based. To ensure that the relationship among these parties is well- maintained shall be a way to help JPES grow and develop throughout the years.

Every year the JPES holds its last and most awaited event to celebrate the success of this academic year and manifest their deep gratitude for the people who continuously support the activities of the organization.

In line with this, the JPES organized their last event for this school year entitled “EXCELLENCE NIGHT 2019: Seeking Excellence, Pursuing Success” on June 29, 2019. It is an event that aims to recognize the student leaders and economics organization all over the Philippines that excel both in the field of Economics and extracurricular activities.

Wear your mask and witness the mystery at YMCA of Manila from 6:00 PM to 12:00 MN.