Hidden in the Altyn Emel National Park of Kazakhstan is a 40-ft-high sand dune named ‘The Singing Barkhan’ which possesses the most bizarre phenomena in nature. Basically, it produces an eerie noise that is compared to a riverboat siren or aeroplane as you walk on it. Excitement fires up even more as you need to roll down the slope when crossing it or end up with sand beneath your feet.

Adventure at ‘The Singing Barkhan’ never gets dull because of different sceneries and habitats which lies on nearby mountains. Therefore, make sure to prepare all your cameras to capture the rare-sight of wildlife animals.

The surreal calm the place brings serves as your reward after the exhausting effort exerted throughout the entire trip.

Here are more photos and a video:

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Photo Credit: Instagram: @traveltokazakhstan, @ilyshev.photo, @0km_almaty
Video Credit: Instagram: @0km_almaty