Filipinos are still dreaming of having Philippines’ version of the famous theme park ‘Disney World’. However, Filipinos have been given a light of hope with an abandoned medieval theme park which is slowly attracting a number of tourists. It seems that instead of wishing for another Disney World park, the Philippines has its unique one.

Located in Batangas, the abandoned theme park was originally named Fantasy World and was created by a Japanese businessman during 2001. The purpose of the theme park was to compete with Disney World but apparently, he ran into financial troubles which caused him to stop construction.

Despite the fact that the park has been abandoned, anybody could easily see the potential of the park to be at par with the internationally famous Disney World. With similar castles and age-old enchanting details, the park still holds its own charm until today.

There’s no doubt that its colorful rides and castle will give any visitor a chance to wander in the Philippines’ own version of Disney World. And who knows, maybe the rediscovery of the park is a sign that it should be reinvested in?

As of now, homeowner’s association are now maintaining the theme park and tourists can explore it by paying to the guard.

Watch the video here:

Video Credit: Youtube: Exploring With Cody
Photo Credit: Instagram: @mgchuaphotography