Designer Spreads Positivity Through Teletubbies-Inspired PPEs


The threat of COVID-19 to all of us is not one to be taken lightly, infecting thousands of people around the world, resulting to city lockdowns and panic among people.

Even health workers are having difficulties fighting the virus, with some of them, ended up getting infected or eventually, succumbing to COVID-19. As they continue to combat the disease, it has become apparent that they don’t have enough tools and equipment to perform their duties. Some of them even have to improvise their medical equipment.

Thanks to our resourcefulness and keenness to help, we’re able to address and augment the dilemma our front line health workers are dealing with.

Recently, Iloilo City-based designer named Adrian Pe, has produced and donated hazmat suits among medical workers in The Medical City Iloilo.

Looks familiar? That’s right! Andrian Pe’s inspiration behind these colorful hazmat suits are the characters from the hit kids show, Teletubbies!

The iconic Teletubbies made the childhoods of the ’90s kids when it aired in the small screens. The vibrant 4-piece were made up of Tinky-Winky (purple), Dipsy (green), Laa Laa (yellow), and Po (red). Which among them was your favorite?


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