Delivery Guy Uses Own Cash Tips To Buy Bread For Homeless People


In times of crisis like this, it’s essential that we help each other up. Thankfully, the altruism among Filipinos prevails and it shows with the countless news and viral stories centering on their candid good deeds.

The ‘unsung heroes’ of today include workers who are quietly working in the background. They are not regularly mentioned in the news, however, they are recognized just the same as our frontliners. These include food workers, security guards, janitors, delivery crew, etc.

And just recently, a delivery guy “stunned” netizen Raina Ominga when he shared that he has been using his delivery tips to give away bread for street dwellers.

“This pizza guy have been buying bulk assorted breads from our bakery for the past few days. So our inner curiosity ends up us asking him kung pinapamigay ba ng pizzahut yung breads,” Raina explained.

She added, “Sabi ni Kuya, lahat daw ng nakukuha niyang tip everytime nagdedeliver sya, iniipon niya pambibili niya ng bread. Then pinapamigay niya sa mga taong nakikita niya sa kalsada along the way.”

“We were stunned! And that, my friend, is how we encounter Christ this Easter Sunday. ❤️,” the netizen ended.

As of press, the heartwarming Facebook entry has garnered over 259,000 reactions and 72,000 shares.

Photo Source: Facebook/iyatOtz