VivaColombia, a budget airline of Colombia has raised a bizarre idea of making passengers stand up during the entire flight. It is not the first time that the airline came up with the concept as they insist that it could lower the cost of airfares making it more accessible to passengers.

Back in 2003, the airline opened its doors to the possibility of standing room flights with a vertical seat that will let passengers stand while being braced.

Moreover, Irish airline Ryanair offers discounted tickets if the passengers are standing during flights. And Chinese carrier Spring Airlines introduced the idea of removing its airplanes’ seats a few years ago.

As of now, there are no airline that pulled-off the ‘standing flight’ flight idea successfully. The possibility of the idea could bring up new concerns in terms of safety.

Will the VivaColombia be the first airline to fulfill this idea or will it fall short like other previous companies’ attempts?

Photo Credit: Instagram: @vivacolombiaco