Clean Air Philippines Movement Inc. (CAPMI) Releases Statement On Social Distancing


The Clean Air Philippines Movement Inc. (CAPMI) releases statement on social distancing on mass transport.

According to CAPMI, in order to reduce physical distancing inside mass transport, passengers should strictly observe the mandatory no talking policy inside mass transportation.

To further support its call for the strict implementation of the no talking policy inside public transportation, the pro-environmental group is also working closely with TESDA to offer a free online course in basic conversational sign language to educate commuters on how to communicate without having to talk.

Here’s the official statement of CAPMI:

“We must hammer and dance vs Covid -19 for the sake of our economy also.

IF we need to re-adjust things inside mass transport very important still is the mandatory and very strict use of face mask and face shield.

IF we need to lower physical distancing inside mass transport (for the sake of our economy) THEN this needed re-adjustments must be simultaneously compensated by imposing very strictly the mandatory NO TALKING (cellphone included) policy inside mass transportation. IF doable a public address system constantly reminding passengers of this strict no talking policy plus the presence of transportation police to enforce it is suggested.

3 C’s of Covid Transmission:

1) Confined areas (no ventilation)
2) Crowding
3) Communicating

Aerosols or air droplets propagation starts with talking, shouting, singing sneezing coughing, etc.

NO TALK etc… No air droplet or aerosol.

Lets hammer the virus at the source (barangay, home, workplace, mass transportation, etc..) while we also dance with it (opening our economy, etc).”

CAPMI is closely coordinating with TESDA to offer a FREE online course in BASIC and CONVERSATIONAL SIGN LANGUAGE for d workplace and mass transport to support the NO TALKING policy that is needed to stop spread of the virus.”


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