Celebrating Bountiful Harvest With Nueva Ecija’s Tanduyong Festival


Every year, on the fourth Sunday of April, the people of San Jose City at Nueva Ecija dance through the main street to celebrate the
Tanduyong Festival – a colorful, enchanting celebration of the blessing of the harvest of tanduyong, a kind of onion abundant in the area.

Known as the “Onion Capital of the Philippines,” the city is a leading producer of onion, garlic, rice and vegetables. During the festival day itself, the streets are filled with dancers wearing multi-colored native costumes – almost onion-inspired. Exotic rhythms of improvised musical instruments fill the air as the dancers gyrate and sway to the beat of life.

Truly one of the most vibrant and remarkable festival in the largest province in Central Luzon, the celebration includes special activities such as beauty contest, tourism and trade fair, awarding ceremony and cultural shows. A great way to honor the prolific agriculture of the city!

Tara na sa Nueva at makisaya!
Photo Credit: TanduyongSanjose.wordpress


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