The 22nd Sinigayan Festival in Sagay City, Negros Occidental will be having its week-long celebration starting on March 15! This festival is an annual celebration & thanksgiving in honor of their patron, St. Joseph, showcasing the best of Sagay – the arts, culture, products, and its people. With the theme, “Saving Mother Nature… for us and for the next generation,” they will focus on sharing their thoughts to their fellow Sagaynons on saving the nature.

For those who aren’t familiar, Sagay derives its name from “sigay” – a bright, univalve-shelled mollusk that was once plentiful on the city’s sandy shores. The presence of the sigay indicated an abundance of marine riches that attracted settlers from other parts of Negros and Cebu. The abundant marine life resources continued to provide to this day sustainable economic benefits to its people.

The celebration have started in 1996, this festival is the city’s way of preserving the heritage of their people. The gentle, joyful, and hardworking Sagaynon, whose name God chose to be symbolized by this humble spherical shell which dances as it allows the roaring waves to toss it to shore and pulls it back to the sea in ritual merrymaking.

Posted by SINIGAYAN QUEEN on Monday, March 5, 2018

The festival celebration begins in a thanksgiving mass, then followed by the parade and the opening programs which showcase the abundant harvest of vegetables and fruits, copious marine life, the vibrant art community, and the livelihood of the town. One of the most-awaited event in this festivity is the Sinigayan Queen Pageant where beautiful young ladies fight for the crown and give pride and honor to the Sagaynons.

Aside from celebrating the festival, you can also explore the City of Sagay that is rich in marine resources and has 32,000 hectares of marine reserve which is composed of Maca Reef, Carbin Reef, Panal Reef, and the Molocaboc Islands. Water activities in the island are also available, like snorkeling and sea ranching.

Immerse to the wonderful culture of Sagay! Come to Negros Occidental this March and celebrate the Sinigayan way!
Photo Credit: I Love Sagay FB