Celebrate A One-Of-A-Kind And Romantic Festive Season With McDull At Ocean Park Hong Kong Christmas Sensation


Ocean Park Hong Kong is celebrating this year’s Christmas like no other! Known for its widely sought-after aquarium and thrilling rides, the Park has prepared multiple exclusive promotions and festive activities for guests to enjoy. Ocean Park Hong Kong Christmas Sensation 2018 will be held from 15 December 2018 to 1 January 2019, offering guests a one-of-a-kind warm, romantic Christmas in Hong Kong-style.

Gigantic Christmas Tree and Park-wide Romantic Attractions Perfect for Couples

This year, the Park has added new elements to the 40-foot tall “Sparkling Interactive Christmas Tree presented by HiPP”. Guests can witness their photos with their loved ones swirling around the ribbon-like LED panels around the tree by just a few clicks on their smart phones. Guests simply have to upload the photos to their Instagram account with the hashtag #opxmas2018, or through a mini site accessible by scanning a QR code on-site.

For guests who are into traditional festive activities, they can visit “Santa’s Sparkling Wonderland” and the “Snowy Christmas Trail” with artificial snow – some not to be missed photo spots for both families and young couples.

There will also be Christmas carolers at the “Angelic Voices Stage”, a ballerina’s live sculpture performance called “Enchanted Christmas Ballerina” and the “Christmas Wonders Parade” with juggling and jumping stilt stunts and dances to immerse guests in a joyful festive atmosphere.

Locally-renowned Eateries and Retro Characters Debut in Old Hong Kong

Locally-renowned eateries are now open at Old Hong Kong to offer a wide range of delectable classic Hong Kong street food. Signature items include the most authentic egg puffs from Mammy Pancake, a Michelin-recommended street food eatery for three consecutive years; dan dan noodles, a spicy Sichuan noodle dish from the 70-year-old Sichuan restaurant Wing Lai Yuen, also a Michelin-recommended restaurant; steamed milk pudding from Cross Café made with “Trappist” dairy products, from a local dairy with a heritage of over 50 years; and the ever-popular Hong Kong-style milk tea from the well-known local brand KamCha.

Also making their special appearances at Old Hong Kong will be a group of retro characters, including the black-and-white amah, the legendary heroine Black Rose, and singing duo The Chopsticks, who will interact with and take guests back to the golden days on the streets of Hong Kong to experience a nostalgic yet festive vibe.

Ocean Park Stages Hong Kong’s First McDull-themed Music Theatre Show

McDull is an adorable piglet created in Hong Kong, and made his early appearance as a comic book character. As the stories captured the hearts of locals in Hong Kong, McDull, as well as his family and friends were brought to life through animated movies. Ocean Park invites McDull and his mum, Mrs Mak, to stage the first-ever McDull-themed music theatre show in Hong Kong, “McDull • Fishball On The Run”.

Featuring plenty of songs and dances, Hong Kong-style humour and touching stories, the show sets to be a big hit among family guests. Guests can also take photos with the loveable characters at the “McDull and McMug Meet & Greet” at Old Hong Kong, and bring home some McDull-themed merchandise as keepsakes of their marvelous time at Ocean Park Hong Kong!