Opened last May 2017, this flower farm attracted tourists across the country and is slowly attracting tourists across the globe after its flowers began to bloom recently.

What made the place more eye-catching are the flowers’ vibrant colors that built up the entire flower farm into something more than just a farm.

Buwakan Ni Alejandra means Alejandra’s Flower Farm in English. Coming from the Cebuano term, “buwak” means flower—the main attraction of this place in Cebu, located in Brgy. Gaas, Balamban.

The flower garden is open from Mondays to Sundays starting 7AM to 6PM as it also requires P50 entrance fee for every visitor.

This presents different layers of colors through its flowers such as violet, pink, yellow, and green. Also, it isn’t only good for taking photos and sight-viewing but also for releasing stress and relaxing through the help of nature’s beauty.