Mexican cuisine is more than the usual tacos and nachos, chimichangas, Mexican steaks, taquitos and flautas. It is the best of Spanish, French, American and native Aztec Indian tribe influences; it is a convergence of diverse history and cultural heritage.

Bringing to Filipinos a taste of authentic Mexican is B&T Mexican Kitchen, as it gears up to bring all these and more and celebrates Cinco de Mayo with glorious food, fun, merriment, and drinks.

It all started when brothers Philip and Charles Tan being inspired by a well-known Mexican restaurant concept in California, where Mexican influences are very strong and evident.

“We know there is a huge market here for evolving Mexican food. Not the Tex-Mex fusion type of cuisine but authentic and faithful Mexican cuisine – from ingredients to flavors. The staples corn and beans are there but new ingredients and spices are also introduced to make Mexican food what it is today, something that our market, from young people to adults, will truly appreciate,’’ said Charles Tan.

B&T Mexican Kitchen allows diners to customize their meals by selecting their own meats from 10 choices for any dish. Choice meats include carne asada steak, lengua (ox tongue), barbecue, pork carnitas, calamares, carne guisado or chili con carne, chicken and chicken-jalapeño, fried fish, and deep-fried shrimp.

Here are more B&T exclusives that will surely whet your appetite for things Mexican. B&T also throws in some tips on how to fold a burrito or properly handle chili peppers, for that added true Mexican food experience!

1. Wet Burrito

Giant wet burrito is traditional Mexican burrito good for three people! B&T douses it in tomato, cheese, and garlic sauce and salsa, and merges taste and the experience of sharing a guaranteed tummy filler to make the giant wet burrito the all-time crowd favorite.