Bond With The Adorable Raccoons At This Café In South Korea


Hidden in South Korea, Café Blind Alley offers its guests the ultimate bonding experience with cute and fluffy raccoons. This cafe gives a catchy twist to the already mainstream pool of cats and dogs café.

The cafe only requires visitors to order off the menu, which boasts of dishes and snacks such as bingsu, smoothies or yogurt. Then, they are granted a star sticker which becomes their ticket for some raccoon bonding sessions.

Waiting in the raccoon room are Shot, Crema and Kong. These three adorable creatures are allowed to fed by customers with either dried squids or cookies.

And just to kick up the jolly ambience a notch, Café Blind Alley also houses the ever bubbly Cookie the Corgi and the Capybara –a large form of rodent that was rescued from a zoo.

Prepare to squeal with joy as we dish out photos of the cutest furry friends:

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Photo Credit: Instagram: @indieans_company, @shannnm, @audrakay, @jsy8959, @sinngauer


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