If you want to suffice your seafood cravings and would want a whole bunch that could possibly end it, then the best place to have an over-all feast is at the Maine Lobster Festival in Rockland, Maine.

For five days late July or early August, Rockland prepares for more than 100,000 guests that’ll celebrate with them and gorge its finest soft-shell lobsters.

Aside from that, they prepare different activities that’ll make its visitors’ stay worthwhile. These activities include various competitions and games all in relation to, of course, the mouthwatering lobsters.

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You can bring home lobsters as it can be bought at a very low price. During these days, the lobsters cost only $1 for all you could eat. And for only $20, you can buy three whole lobsters plus chips and plastic bibs.

These lobsters are steamed in a very large pot disguised as a lighthouse. It is enjoyed by participants in long benches inside a marquee.

Moreover, aside from the games and competitions, there are different activities that’ll also a musical fest and fiesta rides. That’s why, your visit will surely be worth it.

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