This Baker Serves The Sweetest Revenge For Internet Trolls


Kat Thek, a New York-based baker and the owner of Troll Cakes has been the talk of the town because of her extraordinary way of answering internet trolls. She makes them eat their words by baking a cake topped with a troll’s comment.

Here’s how it works, customers should go to the Troll Cakes website then submit a comment and address of the troll who deserves a sweet revenge. The cake is wrapped into a beautiful box but what’s inside is the screenshot of their not-so-nice words.

Also, customers should not worry if the troll’s address is unknown. Thek included a ‘detective agency’ in her business to do an investigation about their address or workplace.

Because of this, internet trolls should watch out with what they say online if they don’t want a taste of their own medicine.

Here are more photos from Troll Cakes:

Comment left on Betty White's photo with James Corden. #trollcakes #whichoneareyou

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Made from a comment left on Ben Stiller's photo of a rainbow. #trollcakes

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Made from a comment on NASA's photo of symbiotic stars. #trollcakes

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Comment from Ryan Seacrest's instagram account, regarding faux slo-mo.

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Photo Credit: Instagram: @troll_cakes


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