Baguio is exceptionally filled with fun activities you can do and has plenty of tourist attractions that will make your vacation enjoyable and unforgettable.

One place that will surely draw your attention is The BenCab Museum located at Tuba, Benguet which is only 15 minutes away from the central city of Baguio.

The works of the Philippine National Artist Benedicto Reyes Cabrera can be found in the museum with different galleries that focus on one certain artistic theme.

This four-storey museum is a project of a non-stock organization that supports activities related to the arts and environment called BenCab Art Foundation.

The BenCab Gallery features Benedicto Cabrera’s works from when he was in Manila during the 60s, his works from the 70s while in London, and in the mid-80s when he started to continue his art while re-establishing his roots in Baguio.

Another gallery found inside is The Cordillera Gallery that contains BenCab’s collection of tribal Cordillera artifacts.

The Indigo Gallery stores art exhibitions bi-monthly that was established by BenCab & his elder brother Salvador Cabrera.

There is also the Patio Salvador which is an open terrace connecting to the Indigo Gallery that is used for receptions and sculpture shows conducted at the museum aside from the Larawan Hall which serves as a function room for art workshops, art film showings, seminars, meetings, other art activities.

Another venue for changing exhibitions is the Sepia Gallery that is connected to the museum’s shop.

Aside from the said galleries and museum sites, there is this one room that will make your imagination tingle a bit.

Erotica Gallery is the most talked about part of the BenCab Museum as it contains paintings, drawings, artworks, and sculptures with an erotic theme.

Before someone enters the gallery, a “viewer discretion” sign warns museum goers that, what they will see inside is not suitable for minors and sex-sensitive individuals.

The BenCab Museum commits to promoting arts and its preservation, conservation, and protection as well as Cordillera’s tradition and culture.

This is to express Benedicto Cabrera’s gratitude to the Philippines for nurturing and inspiring him to be an artist This museum inspires not just Filipinos but also foreign minds and shows them his maturity and growth in the arts.