Angono Community Embraces Creativity And Solidarity Amid Pandemic


Over 100 days of being under community quarantine, netizens have found ways to be creative. The Angono Tourism Facebook page has led netizens to impart their creativity on safety by designing masks.

Angono is a municipality in Rizal whose Facebook account on tourism has found a way to entertain their residents and other netizens. The account has been holding tasks and Facebook Livestreams that follow a “Pinoy Big Brother” format. Last week, the contestants who represent a certain barangay in Angono were tasked to design a facemask.

Patrick Acebo, labeled the “Choco Macho” of Barangay San Roque has made a mask inspired by the current affairs of Philippine society. “We are being hindered to speak freely for ourselves and our fellow countrymen”. The leather design was intentional to exude “machoness” which Patrick Acebo claims as “Choco Macho”.

Kenji Roan, the “Dancing Isko” of Barangay San Pedro made a mask decorated with a pride flag. He did so for Pride month and as a celebration of diversity as well as a protest for equality. Roan cites that the mask represents who he is and where he came from. “This pandemic forced us to cover our mouths and use masks all the time, pero sana hindi tayo matigil at matahimik sa pagsigaw ng ating mga pinaglalaban. Padayon!”

Curt Cobain, the “Walang Alam” of Barangay Kalayaan has made a facemask with a face shield that utilizes the Philippine Eagle as its inspiration. The mask was made only using two materials, namely silver velvet cloth and recycled plastic acetate.

Residents found a way to entertain each other through this quarantine that also shows their spirit of community with engagements like supporting your “housemate” of choice by liking and sharing their creations.

Photo Credis: Facebook/Angono Tourism Facebook Page


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