While most of the famous spots in the world is competing to be the most beautiful, this mountain in China has fallen to be the most dangerous one. Huashan Mountain in Shaanxi Province, China possesses the most dangerous hiking trail you could ever face in your life. High-wire act without a net that requires trekkers to scale a massive cliff-face on chains are the least you can expect.

Five mountain peaks await tourists in exchange of its jeopardy. It includes East Peak with the best view of the sunrise, West Peak that is tagged as the most elegant spot, North Peak that is famed as Cloud Terrace Peak, Middle Peak or also known as Jade Lady Peak and South Peak which is highest peak among the 5 sacred mountains of China with a height of 2,160 meters.

Meanwhile, the most terrifying point of the route is the Plank Rd. Apparently, it’s a narrow ledge built alongside of the vertical cliff that has a space enough for you to literally plank. Provided as the thing you can hold are rusty hand chains or else you are entitled with a drop from the cliff. Guys, this is not the time to have stiff-neck.

If you can’t fathom to traverse Huashan Mountain, you can opt to ride a cable car going to the mountain peak.

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