Amazing Eats And Finds: Must Visit Night Markets


Food trips and shopping hauls are among the experiences that we Filipinos love most. In places we visit, we enjoy the local cuisine and shop for souvenirs that we either give away or keep as mementos. Shopping and eating sprees are even more thrilling when do them after sundown, giving us a glimpse and experience of a place’s nightlife.

If the combination of shopping hauls, local flavors, and vibrant nightlife are what you seek, Thailand’s night markets are sure to give you a colorful fusion for filling, picture-perfect experiences. With offerings that range from vintage items to unique delicacies and charming souvenirs, Thailand’s night markets will keep your shopping bags and tummies satisfied and full.

For starters on Thailand’s night markets, Bangkok is always a great place to be in. After all, many of the night markets in the capital cater to diverse interests. For old souls, Rod Fai Market in Bangkok is the place for a night crawl to remember. Here, you will have your fill of household items, second-hand clothes, shoes, and fashion accessories all in vintage style. Strolling down the market, you will see old cameras, bikes, Coca-Cola collectibles, and 1960s action figures from Japan.

For fashion, art, and music junkies, the must-visit place is the Saphan Phut Night Market. Known as the top bazaar for the people of Bangkok, this night market’s stalls let you shop for new and secondhand clothes, shoes, brand name bags in perfect conditions, and musical instruments. You can also commission a portrait of yourself or have a tattoo or henna painting. After an all-night’s stroll, you can have your fill at any one of the restaurants in the area.

If a full-blown shopping spree is want you want to do, Bangkok’s Asiatique the Riverfront is the night bazaar slash shopping mall that you don’t want to miss visiting. Asiatique has four districts for you to explore depending on what you want to buy or do.

At Chareonkrung District, you will find majority of the small boutique shops that sell souvenirs, handicrafts, jewelry, and clothing. Cutting-edge fashion and gadgets are what you will find in The Factory District’s more than 500 shops. The Town Square District is where you can have a meal after a long stroll. If you want to elevate your dining experience, however, the Waterfront District will satisfy your craving for a fancy gastronomic adventure, especially if you want to indulge in seafood.

Aside from filling your shopping bags and bellies full, many of Thailand’s night markets are hotspots brimming with life and culture. In Chiang Mai’s night markets, you will have your fill of both local art and cuisine. Chiang Mai’s kilometer-long Sunday Walking Street, which starts at the Tha Pae Gate, is a venue for different performances from dance recitals to beauty pageants.

Among the great finds you can score here are an assortment of tourist trinkets that you can get from hill-tribe vendors. On both sides of the road, food stalls in temples let you sample some unique delicacies, including street massage, painting, handicraft and many more.

Another one you can’t miss in Chiang Mai is its Night Market, where you can find almost any sort of item from handicrafts to housewares, antiques, and jewelry. Among the best finds you can get here are hand-tailored Thai silk to designer fashions. After a night-long haul, you can choose from a selection of Thai seafood and noodle restaurants where you can cap off a night with a filling meal.

If getting your art fix is a priority for going on a night crawl, Hua Hin is the must-visit art and culture hub. Hua Hin’s Cicada Market will feel like paradise to you. Cicada Market has four sections. Painting, sketches, and sculpture for sale are what you will find in the section called Art Indoors. The open-air amphitheater Art of Act, on the other hand, is where you can catch performances by local art groups.
At the Cicada Market’s section called Art a la Mode, you can score deals on clothes, decorative items, home wear, and handmade accessories. An open-air food court called Art of Eating lets you dine in an idyllic garden setting, where you can feast on selections that include salads, steaks, pastas, and seafood barbecues.

Here are just some of the night markets where you can get started on your night crawls, shopping sprees, and foodie adventures that will bring your #THAImazing story to life. If you want to make the most of these adventures, you better get warmed up for long hours of walking. You might as well bring a big bag or two for your nightlong haul of unbelievable deals.