As the month of April ends, the birth of a King is celebrated across the country of Netherlands. In a royalty country like Netherlands, royal family are highly-respected and highly-recognized. Every 27th of April, Dutch people in Netherlands celebrates the birth of the first king since 1890, King Willem-Alexander. King’s day or Koningsdag in Dutch is formerly celebrated as Queen’s day during the birthday of then Queen Beatrix.

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The celebration is held all throughout the country however, the special atmosphere takes places mostly in Amsterdam. Although it is not advertised not marketed, King’s Day has been one of the most visited festivals in the world with an approximately 750,000 people participating with locals, arriving by train.

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Traditionally, people wear anything orange in honor of the pride for the Dutch royal family which reigns the House of Orange-Nassau. On King’s day, all the street trade around the city is unregulated, which means people are free from the brand-new selling or shopping.

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Along with street parties, cafes and restaurant binge-eating, the famous would probably be the nationwide flea market. People would empty their attics and set their stalls up on the street, selling old used clothes, crafts, old appliances to anything you could ever imagine.

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There are also stalls which bargains old musical instruments, software, electronics and gadgets. In short, everything you want could probably be seen in the flea market at the most affordable price you’d wish to purchase an item.

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When locals can’t sell anything else, they resort to offering services such as drinks, cakes, make-up makeover, massage to anything that their hands are capable of. Apart from that there are various little music festivities that take over the streets such as street discos, opera singers, pick-up bands, teenage rappers, and huge concerts organized in various locations.

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But, among the popular activities are the boats located at the canals offer a ride to which the passengers are set to a short voyage around the city’s waterways. After experiencing the party, you’re set to experience to eat like a King all day, thanks to the hundreds of food stalls lining up along the roads and squares.

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However, the only difficult thing during the festival is that, there are no public transportation in the center of Amsterdam except for trains, ferries, buses and trams. Thus, the best thing to do is to book a hotel nearby as early as possible.

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