This Summer, let your kids explore their creativity while preparing them for the real world!

Kids can grow up too fast and before you know it, they’re off to adulthood. But before that happens, you can start doing little things to help make sure that they’re ready to face adulthood on their own when the time comes.

Through Ayala Museum’s stART! program, Adulting for Kids: Life Skills Through Art, your kids will gain the skills and attitude that they need to succeed after school.

You can choose from six different adulting workshops, or take them all, depending on what particular skill or attitude interests you and your child. Each workshop uses art as the foundation for skill-building and shows how art can be integrated to many other fields, even professional ones.

Through Adulting for Kids: Life Skills Through Art, your child will be able to:

1. Build their memory and concentration using ceramics

Kids will get to stretch their brain muscles by giving our ceramics collection a closer look and matching its symbols with the right meaning. They even get to create their own symbols and use it to make their own unique ceramics!

2. Improve their spatial skills and abilities with our maritime vessels

Let your kids discover the world through the eyes of explorers and the maps they used through our Maritime Vessels. They will get to learn how to read maps and find places without a GPS, all using spatial relation in their minds.

3. Develop their focus through design and sewing

Kids will learn how to take time and focus through pattern making using our Art & the Order of Nature exhibit as a guide. They will pick-up pattern making skills inspired by the museum’s textile collection and understand how good design starts with knowing your basic shapes.

4. Start thinking out of the box through modern art

With modern art as their background, kids will get to experience different worlds through art! They’ll be taking up basic acrylic painting and color theory through the works of artist Fernando Zobel.

5. Understand how money works using the galleon trade

You’re never too young to start learning how money works. Kids will start to learn how to manage their treasures through the concept of trading. With added knowledge on different countries and their most popular goods being traded around the world.

6. Expand their imagination through basic sketching

From your child’s imagination to pen and paper, kids will learn how to sketch the crazy ideas they have in mind. Who knows, they might just be our next National Artist!

All workshops are open to children from ages 7 to 12 years old.