3 Destinations In Bohol That Everyone Needs To Discover


Bohol is known for the world-famous Chocolate Hills that changes its colors depending on the weather season. It is also known for the famous tiny and fragile creatures with huge eyes called ‘tarsier’. Not to mention the various number of floating restaurants that give tourists a unique dining experience. With its numerous famous tourist hotspots, many think that they’ve pretty much wiped out the must-see sights of Bohol. But the famous province begs to differ, blossoming from its hiding spots little by little are new destinations within Bohol that makes it worth a second trip. To motivate you on your next Bohol trip, we listed 3 destinations in Bohol that everyone needs to discover.

1. Can-Umantad Falls

Located in Candijay, Bohol, Can-Umantad Falls is the ‘Hinulugang Taktak’ version of the province. A 15-minute trek is needed to reach the highest falls in Bohol. Tourists can have a cooling dip or climb higher rocks and have a free body massage courtesy of Can-Umantad Falls.

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