The official candidates for the 13th Mister International pageant were presented to the media on February 16, 2019 at the Hotel Benilde Maison De La Salle in Manila, Philippines.

Over thirty-nine ‘distinctively handsome’ men from all corners of the world opened the night by parading in their swimwear.

The modern men also showcased their traditional formal wear during the press presentation.

The pre-pageant event was concluded by a sashing ceremony to award the official competition sashes to the candidates.

Mister International Australia Harrison Luna also received the Hotel Benilde’s Choice special award.

This year, Mister International has forged a partnership with Prime Event Productions Philippines Foundation Inc (PEPPs) for the prestigious male pageant.

Mr. Alan Sim, president of the Mister International Organization expressed that the 10th anniversary of Mister International held in Manila last 2015 was the best edition in the Mister International history. “Most of our national directors, 80% at least, when they found out that Philippines was going to host the competition, were very happy.” he added.

The preparations for the event started on January and with the help of numerous partners and the Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte, the 13th edition of Mister International was made possible. “We are also looking forward to promoting the Philippines and our tourism, to help the government, and to encourage more people to visit our country.” PEPPs president, Mr. Carlo Morris Galang shared.

This year’s pre-pageant activities will also be graced by the reigning Mister International Seung Hwan Lee of South Korea. “Making a good relationship with other candidates is a very important thing and of course, just enjoying the competition.” Lee said.

The contestants for this year’s Mister International will be judged in three categories: swimwear, evening wear and interview, to vie for the coveted title.

The grand finals of the 13th Mister International pageant will be held at One Esplanade Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City on February 24, 2018.

The official contestants for the 13th Mister International are as follows:

1. AUSTRALIA – Harrison Luna
2. BELGIUM – Mohamed Mahouk
3. BOLIIVIA – Lucio Prado
4. BRAZIL – Danilson Furtado
5. CHINA – Ruitao Li
6. CZECH REPUBLIC- Jiri Kmonicek
7. DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – Arturo Paredes
8. GUAM – Christian Layao
9. HAITI – Ghael Jean-Louis
10. HONGKONG – Waikin Kwan
11. INDIA – Balaji Murugadoss
12. INDONESIA – Rezza Praditya
13. JAPAN – Tsuyoshi Takimura
14. KOREA – Dae Woong Hwang
15. LEBANON – Mohamad Taha
16. MALAYSIA – Sylevistian Jon
17. MEXICO – Piero Renero
18. NEPAL -Prashant Jung Shah
19. NETHERLANDS – Claudio Schoorstra
20. NICARAGUA – Naykel Niño
21. NORWAY – Mathias Duma
22. PANAMA – Juan Angel Gaviria
23. PERU – Duilio Vallebuona
24. PHILIPPINES – Mark Kevin Baloaloa
25. POLAND – Tomek Zarzycki
26. PUERTO RICO – Julian Rivera
27. RUSSIA – Igor Buyantuev
28. SINGAPORE – Famy Ashary
29. SLOVENIA – Matjaz Mavri-Boncelj
30. RUSSIA – Lebogang Rameetse
31. SPAIN – Jesús Collado
32. SRI LANKA – Amandha Amarasekara
33. SWEDEN – Kevin Graf
34. SWITZERLAND – Maikel Ferreira
35. TAIWAN – Kevin Chang
36. THAILAND – Nick Nolte
37. USA – Nicolas Szantos
38. VENEZUELA – Francesco Piscitelli
39. VIETNAM – Trinh Bao