Sometimes, we need that “phone app” to survive in an outing. Some people say that they don’t need cellphones in traveling but I believe that it’s not always the case. Most especially when you are traveling abroad, you need some special phone applications.

Before you plan your next weekend getaway or holiday vacation with your family or squad, make sure you have all the necessary apps you need for the trip. You never know what can come up during your travels, so it’s best to be ready for anything.

Google Maps

No self-respecting traveler does not have Google Maps installed in their phone. If you want to be able to go and come back from your destination, this is a necessity. It’s the best navigation app out there.

You can download maps offline, so if you’re going out without internet, download the maps of the place where you’re going to. So convenient. It also has the local transportation option available anywhere you go. You can also use this app to look up nearby places like restaurants, bars, or malls. You can’t lose with this one.