Before you fall in a slump and read another article about your ex, pick yourself up.

Breakups suck bigtime! There’s nothing beautiful about the pain that both parties, or in some cases three parties, endures when experiencing it. While you will turn out better later, recovering from hurt is not an easy process to go through. So for those who do not know how to move on and ask, “Where do broken hearts go”? We’ve listed 10 travel activities to try (and of course places to explore) to help you move on from your heartless ex (and no, we’re not bitter, just hurt):

1. Mag-Surfing Sa La Union

La Union isn’t just your home away from home while surfing the waves, it is an eye-candy paradise and a must-go place for its unforgettable cafes. If you’re going to start your moving on process, better starting by taking a lot of vitamin sea. Learning how to surf can actually be a fun and enjoyable activity while washing away your hurt feelings. Aside from learning a new skill, you can also distract yourself from abs-full (yes, we made that term up) surfers! Treat yourself after with a hot coffee in El Union Coffee, a must-visit in La Union.

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