10 Places In Japan Tonyo And Lea Visited In “Kita Kita”


Indie romantic comedy film “Kita Kita” was not just successful in promoting the local indie film and garnering a gross of around P200 million on its second week, but also in bringing its viewers to a whole new level of the Japan tour experience. Relive the heart-fluttering moments and take a look on the tourist spots in Japan that Lea and Tonyo of Kita Kita visited.

1. Otaru Canal

A central part of Hokkaido’s busy port during the mid-20th century, Otaru Canal serves two different purposes during day and night. During the day, it serves as a venue where tourists can stroll around while artists showcase their artworks to the public. On the evening, Otaru Canal serves as a romantic view for couples wherein gas lamps are lit along the place. Otaru Canal is also known for its Snow Light Path Festival.


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