10 Must Try Food Stalls At Container Turf


Rejoice, south kids! (and north kids). Container Turf is a new rising food park at the heart of the south’s largest food strip, which is BF Aguirre. They feature live gigs, in-house wifi, board games along with their variousfood stalls that serves wide range of cuisines. Here are 10 food stalls at Container Turf that will surely stir up those cravings!

1. Noona’s Korean Street Food

If you’ve seen the hit Korean-drama Weighlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, you’ve definitely drooled over the food while watching. Noona’s serves korean street food that is similar to what’s shown in the K-drama series. Noona’s specialties are their fish cakes and Kimbap burrito are going to soon hit the south.


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