10 Must-See Events Around The World This June


One of the most rewarding experiences a person can undergo is traveling the world and seeing its finest.

It may be for a breather or for memories others but, most of the time, people love to travel not just to try new things but also to familiarize the country’s culture and heritage. They are not afraid to indulge themselves in the unique events the world has to offer in order to encounter its most breathtaking sites.

Ready to witness these awesome festivals around the world this June? It happens only this time of the year!

1. Festival do Boi Bumbá

The Festival do Boi Bumbá is an annual traditional festival every three days in late June in Parintins, Amazonia, Brazil. The festival foretells the local tale Bumba-meu-boi, a bull which dies and is brought back to life, through music and play.

The festival is also a competition between two teams, Garantido and Caprichoso, who competes for two and a half hours in the extended re-telling of the story, outdoing the other with flamboyant dances, singing, and parade floats.

Aside from Parinthis, the whole celebration can be seen throughout the country.

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