Korean drama has captured a new wave of viewers, although it’s been around since forever, thanks to the new wave of K-dramas popularized, more and more viewers are getting addicted to them. If given a chance to visit South Korea, it’s not surprising that K-drama addicts would choose to visit their ‘Oppa’ or tour the places often seen in the dramas they watch. Though it’s a long shot to meet these Korean stars, fans can still feel their hearts skip a beat by visiting these 10 must-visit locations of their favorite Korean drama:

1. Bok Chicken – Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Bok chicken is the restaurant operated by Bok Joo’s father with the help of her uncle. Dining in here while asking, ‘Do you like Messi?’ is one of the most common things that fans usually do. Just a little trivia, the original name of Bok Chicken is Jageun Maeul and the chicken served in drama series is not available in the menu. Cue the tears.

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