10 Do’s And Dont’s When Travelling


Travelling, abroad or around the country, is a privilege we would all love to have. At times, it might be so much expensive, but we just crave for new adventures to try and to be relaxed and away from the stress we deal with in work or school. We just want to feel that adrenaline rushing over us as we dive from a cliff, as we jump out of a plane or as we feel the gush of wind in our face as we climb a mountain.

It actually feels good to see a different view aside from pile of unfinished reports or the never ending thesis revisions. But as we go on seeking for a new adventure or taking a new instagram post, we have to bear in mind that there are certain rules we need to follow in travelling. To help you in enjoying your travel without violating any rules or endangering your lives, here are 10 Do’s and Don’ts when travelling.

Personal Belongings

DON’T: Don’t you ever ever leave it, especially your passport, anywhere, in a restaurant, park, even on your hotel room, never leave it unattended.

DO: Make sure to bring a small pouch where you can keep all your personal and important documents so you can bring it anywhere you go. Also, before travelling, make sure that you know your passport number, you have an extra copy of your passport and you have printed pictures with you on hand, so in case it was lost or damaged, you can easily replace it.


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