Spending time with your special someone need not be costly and it is possible to have a great time without breaking the bank. Here are 10 places that are perfect for dates that are both fascinating and wallet-friendly.

1. Ball Pit Manila

Who says all dates need to be romantic? Some can be fun too! Conversations shouldn’t be limited to cafes and night strolls, you can have just as much of an engaging conversation with your date while hanging around an estimated 80,000 white plastic balls at Ball Pit Manila. The all-white background of the place becomes colorful when it’s spent with your loved ones.

For just 499 pesos, you can enjoy an hour of ball pit use inclusive of coffee or iced tea. In case you’re already tired of dipping at the ball pit, comfy mattresses are provided around the corner where you can play different board games. When it comes to hygiene, fresh and clean socks are required to ensure odorless atmosphere.

Photo Credit: Instagram: @ballpitmanila