We all have to admit that our schools became more demanding than what it used to be, especially when we first stepped into college. In college, all subjects are major subjects, or at least some subjects act like they are. Every course demands attention. It’s either we sacrifice the other or we sacrifice our sleep instead. And as good students that we are, of course we’d always choose the latter. The only problem is that it is always hard to study in our homes or dorms especially when we have our beds beside us.

Instead of tempting ourselves with the pleasures of sleeping, we tend to look for places that is open 24-hours having unlimited WiFi and tons of outlets for our gadgets. Wouldn’t that be perfect? Here are places in Manila where you can chill and be productive at the same time!

1. Diligence Cafe

At the price of P60 per hour or P350 overnight, Diligence cafe offers fiber WiFi, unlimited coffee and juice, power outlets, napping & shower services, rent-able conference rooms, onsite meals, dessert and drinks, and even a lamp that you may use during your stay.

It has 2 branches located at Taft and Katipunan which opens at 12nn and closes at 7AM making it more easily accessible for students.