When we were kids and dreamt of fairytales, the dream house would always be either a palace or a castle. Fast-forward to today, you would think that only royals could dwell in such a luxurious setting. Well Airbnb completely switched up the game, there are numerous castles for rent in Airbnb for you and your family. While most of them are in Europe, why not live like a royal in your European escapade? Take a peek at the castles available for a little R and R.

1. Château de Barnay – South Burgundy, P6574 per night

While the Eiffel Tower is France’s most loved landmark, this chateau isn’t a far cry from the beauty that France holds. The property is composed of yellow stones, and spiral staircases. The castle consists of three towers, one of which consists of the master’s bedroom.

The whole accommodation is just situated in the first floor which is fully equipped with kitchen and dining area, a dining room and living room, and bathrooms and bedrooms. The maximum capacity of the rooms are just for 7 persons. But, additional person can be posibble when you also pay for the additional fee.