An adventure junkie isn’t just satisfied with traveling to non-mainstream destinations, it takes a gutsy activity and a daring challenge to satisfy any adrenaline seeking wanderlust. Thankfully, the Philippine has a huge pool of natural cliff diving spots. But always keep in mind to be very careful when participating in a cliff diving activity, especially if you’re a newbie!

It’s always best to have a guide escort you to the peak in order to pace you through an unforgettable jump. But for those who are looking for more than the diving fun but a beautiful space to match the unforgettable experience, here are the five best cliff diving spots we’ve scouted in the Philippines:

Buho Rock, Cebu

30 feet above sea water, Buho Rock used to be a full functioning resort. However, because it is currently run by government, the resort has been a tourist spot because of its cliff diving scenery.

It’s not that easy to reach the destination however, you’ll to depart from Danao Port and hop on a boat to reach Camotes Island. But with a view like theirs, a longer trip is worth it.

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